Unit Four Teachers: Avoiding a Strike

This article was written by Hana Hong and Mariah Schaefer.

What started off as a spark of protest rapidly blossomed into a full out rallying, as teachers across Champaign assembled to discuss a collective issue. A common discontent among the teacher’s union, also known as the Champaign Federation of Teachers, which represents about 825 teachers throughout the school district, rose and spiraled into a series of movements to take action. The primary objective on the agenda was apparent- to fight for better salaries and improved working conditions. Fortunately for students and parents, the possible teacher strike was able to be avoided. The Champaign Federation of Teachers and the Board of Education came to a tentative agreement during their last meeting on Monday, October 15th. Both sides agreed to the terms of the contract. However, the contract hasn’t officially been ratified until all the teachers vote on it, which will take place on Monday, October 22nd. The Board of Education will vote as well. Continue reading Unit Four Teachers: Avoiding a Strike

African American Culture Club Update: Candy Grams

CANDY, CANDY & MORE CANDY!! Would you like to send a little Halloween spirit to your friend, favorite teacher, or boyfriend/girlfriend? African American Culture Club is definitely in the Halloween spirit, and we want you guys to be also! The AACC will be selling Halloween candy grams in the lobby during lunch on Wednesday, October 24th until Tuesday, October 30th. They’re being sold for just $1 each! Hurry to get there before they’re gone! Also, if you haven’t joined, please do so. If not, you’re missing out!