Centennial Literary Magazine Hosts Writing Contest

Old Sport, Centennial’s own literary magazine, has decided to host a writing contest every month. The contest is divided into three categories: Best Poem, Best Short Story, and Best Other. The winners will get their pieces published on the online magazine and win ten dollars in cash.

The theme for the October contest is “spooky”. Writers are encouraged to submit their own spooky story, poem, or some other sort of literary work. The submissions should be original. All of the entries will be scored anonymously to ensure a fair contest.

The deadline for submissions is Saturday, October 20. Everyone interested should submit their work to oldsport.centennial@gmail.com or talk to Ms. Green in Room 226. The winners will be revealed on Halloween (October 31). This is a great opportunity for Centennial writers to get their work published and receive money for it, too!