Netflix Pick of the Week: Take Me Home


  • Independent Romantic Comedy
  • Released 2011
  • 96 minutes
  • PG-13

Directed By:

  • Sam Jaeger


  • Sam Jaeger
  • Amber Jaeger
  • Victor Garber
  • Bree Turner
  • Lin Shaye
  • Cristine Rose

Take Me Home is a very original movie that has Parenthood star Sam Jaeger as writer, director, and actor. He and his wife Amber Jaeger are the main characters in this independent romantic comedy. The movie starts out in New York City, but the setting changes as the story develops. Thom (Sam Jaeger) is an unemployed photojournalist who drives an unlicensed cab whenever he needs to make money. Unfortunately for him, his landlord kicks him out of his apartment for not paying his rent. He puts all his belongings in his cab and decides it’s time to become a cabbie for a while. On the same day, Claire (Amber Jaeger) sees her husband talking to his secretary in their apartment and assumes he’s having an affair. Also, her mom sends her a voicemail saying that her father had a stroke in California. Claire freaks out and finds the first cab she sees in order to run away.

The cab happens to be Thom’s. Claire orders him to just keep driving, and so he does. She falls asleep, and on the next day, they’re driving through Pennsylvania. After a lot of discussion, they decide to keep driving to California. In one of their stops, Claire loses her purse, and that causes a big problem. Thom only has $83 to his name, and so it becomes questionable whether or not they’d even be able to reach their destination. An incredible journey develops as they try everything they can to reach California so Claire can see her ailing father.

Watch the movie here.