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October 23, 2012

Recap: NFL Week 5

by Leon Phanrana

The fifth week of the 2012 NFL season started on Thursday, October 4th with the Arizona Cardinals @ the St. Louis Rams; the Rams won this game 17-3, giving the Cardinals their first loss of the season. The Cardinal’s quarterback, Kevin Kolb, threw for 289 yards but zero touchdowns, as the Ram’s quarterback Sam Bradford threw for 141 yards and two touchdowns, allowing the Rams to improve to three wins and two losses and the Cardinals to drop to four wins and one loss.

Teams that had a bye week were the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One notable game from the Sunday noon session was the Green Bay Packers @ the Indianapolis Colts, with Andrew Luck leading the Colts to a comeback win 30-27; he threw for 362 yards and two touchdowns and their wide receiver, Reggie Wayne, also had a huge game with thirteen receptions for 212 yards and 1 touchdown. The Packers’s quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, threw for 243 yards and three touchdowns. The Colts improved to two wins and two losses and the Packers dropped to two wins and three losses. Another big game of the noon session was between the Philadelphia Eagles @ the Pittsburgh Steelers; the Steelers won this game off of a last second field goal 16-14. Steelers’s quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, threw for 207 yards but for zero touchdowns as the Eagles’s quarterback, Michael Vick, threw for 175 yards and two touchdowns. The Steelers improved to two wins and two losses while the Eagles dropped to three wins and two losses. One last major game from the noon session was the Atlanta Falcons @ the Washington Redskins, with the Falcons scoring seventeen points in the fourth quarter to win 24-17. The Redskins’ starting quarterback, Robert Griffin III, was knocked out of the game with a rib injury, so backup Kirk Cousins, who was also a rookie, had to try to make a comeback for them. He threw for 111 yards and one touchdown as Falcons’s quarterback, Matt Ryan, threw for 345 yards and two touchdowns. The Redskins drop to two wins and three losses so far in the season, while the Falcons stay undefeated with five wins so far. One game from the Sunday 3:30 PM session was the Chicago Bears @ the Jacksonville Jaguars; the Bears dominated the second half winning with the final score of 41-3, and the Bears’s quarterback, Jay Cutler, threw for 292 yards and two touchdowns. The Bears’s offense are living up to the fans’ and critics’ expectations at the moment, with wide receiver Brandon Marshall having twelve receptions for 144 yards and one touchdown; overall, the Bears improved to four wins and one loss while the Jags fell to one win and four losses. Another game from the 3:30 PM session was the Seattle Seahawks @ the Carolina Panthers, the Seahawks’s defense stopped Cam Newton with only 143 total yards and zero touchdowns; the final score was 16-12, and the Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson threw for 221 yards and one touchdown. One last notable game from the 3:30 PM session is the Denver Broncos @ the New England Patriots, also known as Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady; it’s called this because these two quarterbacks are the best in the game. The Patriots won this game 31-21; Peyton Manning threw for 345 yards and three touchdowns while Tom Brady threw for 223 yards and one touchdown. The Broncos dropped to two wins and three losses as the Patriots improved to three wins and two losses.

The Sunday Night game was between the San Diego Chargers @ the New Orleans Saints. The biggest storyline in this game was that Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees was one touchdown throw away to break Johnny Unitas’ record for forty-seven straight games with at least one touchdown pass. In the first quarter of the game, Brees threw a pass forty yards downfield, which resulted in a touchdown breaking the fifty year-old record with forty-eight straight games with at least one touchdown pass. In the end, the Saints won this game 31-24, with the Chargers quarterback throwing for 354 yards and two touchdowns and the Saints finally getting their first win in the season while the Chargers dropped to three wins and two losses. The Monday night game saw the Houston Texans @ the New York Jets; the Texans won this game 23-17.

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