Netflix Pick of the Week: How to Steal a Million


  • Classic Comedy
  • Released 1966
  • 123 minutes
  • Not Rated

Directed By:

  • William Wyler


  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Peter O’Toole
  • Eli Wallach
  • Hugh Griffith
  • Charles Boyer

Set in Paris in the 60’s, this charming movie tells the story of Nicole Bonnet (Audrey Hepburn), whose father (Hugh Griffith) forges famous paintings and auctions them off. Nicole warns her father that what he does is very dangerous, but he doesn’t listen. He has the brilliant idea to lend his Cellini Venus, a forged statue, to the Klebler-Lafayette Museum in Paris. Everything’s going fine until he signs a document allowing the statue to be insured for a million dollars under any circumstance. The only problem is that the document also calls for a professional examination of the work of art.

Nicole and her father freak out because they’re afraid the examination will show that the statue is false. If it’s proven that the Venus isn’t the real deal,¬†they might end up going to jail. Therefore, Nicole asks Simon Dermott (Peter O’Toole), a man she believes to be a burglar, to help her with the impossible task of stealing the Venus¬†from the high-security Kleber-Lafayette Museum.

Watch the movie here.