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October 30, 2012


by Andrew A. Lee

Artist, musician, actor, golfer, and all around great guy, these are traits that help define Benjamin Khachaturian, which is why it is such a no-brainer to nominate him “Student of the Week”!   The Centinal got to sit down with him for an exclusive interview to get to the bottom of his success.

The Centinal: How does it feel to be nominated for “Student of the week”?

Benjamin Khachaturian: It feels great! I am honored!

The Centinal: Talk about your new single that is on itunes now. What was your end goal when you were making it? Why should people buy it?

BK: My new single on ITunes “What He Does,” has been very exciting for me. My goal was to give people music with a great meaning. Much of today’s music today has an inappropriate meaning or does not have a meaning at all. The reason it should be bought is because all of the money goes to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

The Centinal: Should we be on the lookout for a new album release? If so when?

BK: Yes, my new album should be released in the next coming months! Sneak Peek: I will be singing in one of the songs! To learn more you can go to!

The Centinal: Is DJing something you might want to pursue in the future? Or is it more of a passion/hobby?

BK: Dj-ing will not be something that I pursue in the future, however, I plan to expand into artistry. Much like what I am doing now with my song on ITunes where I am known as Gabriel, my middle name. I hope to spread the word of Christianity through electronic music.

The Centinal: How are you able to maintain such a positive mental attitude?

BK: My attitude has become a mindset because I believe that positivity is powerful and it empowers people in their everyday lives. I have found that when I am positive it helps others maintain their own positive mindset solidifying a fun school environment.

The Centinal: What are your personal goals for the rest of this high school year and the next and how are you thinking you would achieve them?

BK: My goal for this year is to release my album and to break a score of 200 in bowling class. I plan to achieve this by being persistent and being patient.

The Centinal: If you were able to eat dinner with two people (alive or dead) Who would they be and why?

BK: Jesus and Abraham Lincoln. I chose Jesus because I would love to talk to him and ask him questions. Abraham Lincoln our 16th president made critical decisions during the Civil War and I would love to speak with him regarding what he chose and why he chose it.

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