Fall Fashion

With the odd 70 to 80 degree October weather out of the way, it is safe to say that it’s time to move the short shorts and flip-flops to the back of the closet and break out the oversized sweaters and infinity scarves. It may seem that as the weather gets cooler, people usually want to go the easy route and throw on a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt and call it a day. There are others who take the chance to really show how fashion forward they are no matter the season. I had the chance to speak with a Centennial junior and ask her what her favorite trend of the fall season is.

The Centinal: What is your favorite fall trend and why?

Corie Peacock: Wearing Uggs and sweaters because it’s comfortable. It’s also quick and easy to put together.

Here are a couple Dos and Dont’s to follow this season:


  • Infinity scarves
  • Wearing spring colors in the fall always works when balanced out with some black
  • Oversized sweaters & boots are a must
  • Keep it original


  • Wear short shorts and a thick sweater hoping that it will keep you warm
  • Go overboard with patterns
  • Wearing bright colors can either go really good or really bad
  • Over doing it; try to keep it clean

Following these simple fashion tips will help you stay trendy and fly.