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October 31, 2012

Got Sleep?

by Hana Hong

Teenagers of this generation are not getting enough sleep per night. Agree with this statement? Are you one of the countless teenagers struggling to balance everything in your tight schedule? Teenagers are known to be the single most stressed age group, and lack of sleep is generously contributing to that fact.

What are you doing at 7:30 in the morning? Parents are grumbling as they are greeted in the morning by a baggy-eyed monster, and their kids’ grades slowly start to decline.

Hormones that are critical to growth and sexual maturation are actually released during a regular teenager’s slumber. A study founded by researchers at Stanford University founded that teenagers in fact need more sleep, approximately 1-2 hours than their younger 9 or 10 year old sibling might need. While these youngsters only need about 8 hours of sleep, teenagers require a whopping 9-10 hours for healthy maturation.

More and more studies are also showing that there is a direct connection between the amount of sleep a teen gets per night and academic success. Lack of sleep makes it very difficult for students to concentrate on school, especially in the mornings.

After 4 hours of sleep the night before, an average teen is most likely snoring their way through Psych 101 the next morning. Sleeping isn’t exactly the “path to success,” so this certainly isn’t helping us with our schoolwork.

Sleep deprivation is slyly crawling its way into every teenager’s life. Need help now? Consider cutting down on extracurricular activities and deactivating that Facebook if you are one of the ones swimming through piles of work. Make a schedule, and take short breaks to keep your stress level in check.

Take it from a fellow student who has been struggling through this herself- doing these simple steps will work wonders. Happy sleeping!

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