Giving Back to the Community

This past weekend, the members & staff of the African American Culture Club took time out of their Saturday morning to give back to the community. They volunteered at the Salem Baptist Church soup kitchen. Salem Baptist Church hosts the soup kitchen every Saturday from 12pm to 2pm and their mission is to give back to the community by providing those who aren’t as fortunate with a hot meal. It may not seem like much but it means the world to the people who have this opportunity. Helping out at the soup kitchen is not limited to the club, anyone can give a helping hand, all it takes is a little portion of your day and your will to help those in need.

Rising Stars of the X-Factor Finale

2012 has come and gone in a blink of an eye, along with the whirlwind of new artists, music styles, and developments. Along with it came the long awaited second season of the X-Factor, a television music competition franchise created by Simon Cowell. Every year hopeful contestants aspiring to become the next singing sensation is lured into stardom and heads off to prove they have the X-Factor by auditioning in front of America. The competition consists of auditions in front of the producers, the judges with a live audience, boot camp, judges’ houses, and the selective live finals. Continue reading Rising Stars of the X-Factor Finale

Centennial Works to Keep Students Secure

Over the years, school security has become more and more of an issue for the administration and staff of schools.  As security technology has increased, schools are expected to keep up with it and make the buildings and campus as safe as possible for students.  It was partially because of teachers that lives were saved when a shooter decided to enter Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Continue reading Centennial Works to Keep Students Secure

Following the Stepping Stones into College

It’s that time of year again- high school seniors staying up late with baggy eyes cramming in their college essays, sending in applications, and waiting in eager anticipation for the results that will determine a colossal chunk of their future. It’s time to see how much the study sessions and the exhausting all-nighters spent during their high school career have paid off.  This marks a significant pedestal in their life-a milestone that gives them a chance to burst out of the bubble of childhood and set off to become their own independent person. Continue reading Following the Stepping Stones into College

Best Entertainment of 2012

This article was written with Faith A. Middleton.

Biggest Movie: The Hunger Games

The best-selling book series caused great anticipation for the film; the excitement for the film fueled the popularity of the books. During its opening week, The Hunger Games was the biggest-selling book, movie, and soundtrack in the United States. This rare trifecta caused a media explosion of The Hunger Games popularity. Continue reading Best Entertainment of 2012