Top Five Holiday Episodes of TV Shows

As December arrives and the weather gets increasingly colder, the holidays automatically enter people’s minds. Shops, streets, and houses become illuminated with beautiful decorations. The same joyful songs play on the radio over and over again, but no one complains most of the time because the holidays come only once a year. It’s impossible to turn on the television without getting some holiday cheer. Many television shows have special episodes to celebrate this highly anticipated time of year. Here are the top five holiday episodes that can get anyone in a happy mood.

New_Girl_1x09_(1913)5. New Girl S1:E9 “The 23rd”

Jess and the others have something planned out for themselves during the holidays. Schmidt doesn’t like this time of year because all his friends go home to their families and he is alone. To make up for that, he dresses up as Santa Claus at his office party every year to find out what his colleagues want for Christmas and to use this information against them the rest of the year. Nick plans to spend the holidays with his mom like every year, but he always misses his flight. This year he is determined not to miss his flight. Jess doesn’t know what to give her boyfriend for Christmas, and that makes for a very awkward situation. They end up breaking up during Schmidt’s office party. The group drives to the airport to drop Nick off, but as Nick notices that Jess is sad, he drives to an immensely decorated street. All the lights are turned off because it’s very late. Nick starts screaming for the house owners to turn on their lights, and they do so. The result is a magical view that cheers up everyone, even though Nick ends up missing his flight once again.

6274. The Simpsons S15:E7 “‘Tis the Fifteenth Season”

Mr. Burns doesn’t give Homer a bonus but gives him a baseball card for Bart. Homer sells the card to Comic Book Guy who in return gives him all the money in his cash register. The Simpsons split up at the mall and go holiday shopping. Homer is supposed to buy a beautiful Christmas tree, but he ends up spending all his money on a gift for himself that cannot be returned. His family is very disappointed in him. He realizes that he’s a selfish person late one night when he watches Mr. McGrew’s Christmas Carol. He decides to become the nicest man in Springfield. He and Ned Flanders end up competing to see who is the kindest. Homer thinks he can do a good deed by stealing Christmas because Lisa tells him that everyone would be happier without presents. On the contrary, everyone becomes furious with him. Homer gives back their presents, and they all sing a happy Christmas carol.

Bones_1x09_0143. Bones S1:E9 “The Man in the Fallout Shelter”

Booth takes a man’s remains that were found in a bomb shelter to the Jeffersonian Institute. It’s December 23rd, and everyone is in a holiday mood. The crew starts trying to find out more about the man when something unexpected happens. Zach triggers the bio-hazard alarm while sawing the skeleton. Everyone is put under quarantine because a fungus that can cause disease is found. They have to stay two days in the laboratory for safety reasons, and this saddens them. During this time, Bones puts all her efforts into finding out more about the man. The crime is solved, and a beautiful story about the man is discovered. Everyone’s family members get to visit them on the other side of the laboratory glass on Christmas day, which makes for an emotional episode.

citizen-knope22. Parks and Recreation S4:E10 “Citizen Knope”

It’s no secret that Leslie is a great gift giver. She always knows what to give everyone for the holidays. In this episode, she is serving a two-week suspension from work, and that makes her really agitated. She needs to do something. Meanwhile, her friends from the parks department decide to collaborate and give a special gift to Leslie to thank her for all the amazing gifts. Leslie’s campaign advisors quit because of Leslie’s low poll numbers. She becomes very sad, and Chris allows her to go back to work. She opens the door to the parks department office and receives a great surprise. Her friends made her a gingerbread model of the parks department. To her delight, they also announced  that they’ll become Leslie’s new campaign staff.

3x10-Regional-Holiday-Music-community-27732291-1280-7201. Community S3:E10 “Regional Holiday Music”

This episode is a holiday episode and a parody of Glee. The study group members talk about their plans for the holidays in the cafeteria while Greendale’s glee club sings. Chang stops the glee club by saying that the ASCAP ordered them to stop singing because they didn’t have the rights to the songs, and all the members have a nervous breakdown. The glee club instructor Mr. Rad asks the study group to fill in for the club members in Greendale’s Christmas pageant. They all refuse because they hate the glee club. In the end, Mr. Rad convinces Abed to join the club. One by one, the other study group members join the club, too. Pretty soon, they start caring about things like Regionals and become very excited about performing in the pageant. Before the show, Mr. Rad tells Abed that he plans to keep the study group in glee club for a long time. Abed doesn’t like how Mr. Rad tricked him and orders Britta – who can’t sing– to sing his part of the song. She sounds terrible and angers Mr. Rad. Abed apologizes to the study group for bringing them into this mess, and they all go to Troy and Abed’s apartment to watch the Inspector Spacetime Holiday Special together.