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December 14, 2012

Student of the Week: Nick Finke

by Allie Shannon

Nick Finke is only a freshman here at Centennial, but has already managed to find what it takes to be a great student. It could be that he takes after his brother, Michael Finke, a past student of the week. In his first semester at Centennial Nick has already managed to be involved with the freshmen basketball team, student council, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. On top of that he has managed to get good grades in what can sometimes be an overwhelming first semester of high school. For these reasons Nick Finke has been selected as Student of the Week.

The Centinal: What is your favorite class? Why?

Nick: My favorite class is freshman seminar because I have two friends in there, it’s easy, and I like the teacher.

The Centinal: What is your hardest class? Why?

Nick: My hardest class is Biology because it has a lot of vocabulary that is hard and I just don’t really do well with science.

The Centinal: Do you want to play basketball in college? Does your brother influence that decision at all?

Nick: If I grow to be 6’4″ or taller I think I might want to play in college and of course my brother has influences on me. He’s really good and I know what it takes to play at the collegiate level considering his amount of college offers.

The Centinal: Who is your role model?

Nick: My role model is probably my brother, Michael, because he is a person that everyone likes to be around, athletic, and he isn’t one of the partiers but he still knows how to have fun. Also, he is a Christian and loves Jesus so he is someone I can look up to.

The Centinal: Do you play any other sports besides basketball?

Nick:  I play baseball too, but I like basketball more. I would play baseball because I have played that my whole life pretty much. I played for school and for a travel team, Champaign Tribe, from the ages of 9-13 years old.

The Centinal: Do you play club basketball?

Nick: I play for the Peoria Irish during the summers.

The Centinal: Do you have any idea what you would like to be when you get older?

Nick:  When I get older I think I want to be some type of engineer that designs things because I like hands on activities. Or I would like to be a lawyer because I like debates and I like proving my point.

If you could live anywhere… Miami

Favorite food… teriyaki chicken

Favorite movie… Stepbrothers

Celebrity crush… Ariana Grande

Favorite athlete… Darren Williams

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