Rising Stars of the X-Factor Finale

2012 has come and gone in a blink of an eye, along with the whirlwind of new artists, music styles, and developments. Along with it came the long awaited second season of the X-Factor, a television music competition franchise created by Simon Cowell. Every year hopeful contestants aspiring to become the next singing sensation is lured into stardom and heads off to prove they have the X-Factor by auditioning in front of America. The competition consists of auditions in front of the producers, the judges with a live audience, boot camp, judges’ houses, and the selective live finals. Continue reading Rising Stars of the X-Factor Finale

Centennial Works to Keep Students Secure

Over the years, school security has become more and more of an issue for the administration and staff of schools.  As security technology has increased, schools are expected to keep up with it and make the buildings and campus as safe as possible for students.  It was partially because of teachers that lives were saved when a shooter decided to enter Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Continue reading Centennial Works to Keep Students Secure