Month: January 2013

Winter X Games 2013 Recap

Winter X Games Aspen 2013, an event that spans over four days held in Aspen, Colorado, and this year lived up from the hype of last year. The first even to hold their finals was the Snowmobile Freestyle which is who can land the best trick using a Snowmobile. Gold […]

Rallying for Safety: Distracted Driving

All it takes is a quick glance off the road to respond to a text message or grab a bite to eat to drastically change someone’s life. Many people don’t think much about distracted driving because they’ve done it before without suffering major consequences. It shouldn’t take someone dying or […]

New Years Resolutions

When the New Year arrives, it gives people extra motivation to achieve a long-term goal. As Centennial students said goodbye to 2012, many of them set new goals for 2013. Here are a few examples of Centennial students’ New Years Resolutions:

Best Study Spots for Students

Every student has different studying habits and therefore wants a different place to study.  Some choose places like the Champaign Public Library, Espresso Royale, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks and Panera while others choose to study at home either in their room, dining room or other quiet area.  Over the past […]

Class Registration Underway

Winter break has passed by in the blink of an eye and second semester has crept up without a warning. With the exception of our 2013 seniors, the time has come for the mad dash to sign up for next year’s classes. If you are torn between two courses or […]