Art Survey Students Enlarge Their Drawing Skills

The Art Survey 1 class has been working for the past 2-3 weeks on a grid reproduction project. Students had to pick out an image and grid it off 1″ by 1″. They then had to double the size of their picture, and grid it 2″ by 2″. The students had to draw the exact image in complete detail on the double sized paper, and shade it so it had some dimension. Art Teacher Stacey Gross will be displaying some of the students’ work in the art hallway, so go check out some of Centennial’s great artists. Continue reading Art Survey Students Enlarge Their Drawing Skills

Winter X Games 2013 Recap

Winter X Games Aspen 2013, an event that spans over four days held in Aspen, Colorado, and this year lived up from the hype of last year. The first even to hold their finals was the Snowmobile Freestyle which is who can land the best trick using a Snowmobile. Gold was won by Levi LaVallee (USA) with a score of 89.00, Silver was won by Joe Parsons (USA) with a score of 88.66, and Bronze was won by Justin Hoyer(USA) with a score of 85.66.   Continue reading Winter X Games 2013 Recap

Rallying for Safety: Distracted Driving

All it takes is a quick glance off the road to respond to a text message or grab a bite to eat to drastically change someone’s life. Many people don’t think much about distracted driving because they’ve done it before without suffering major consequences. It shouldn’t take someone dying or getting major injuries for us to rethink our driving habits. Continue reading Rallying for Safety: Distracted Driving

Raving About Retro: Modern Gadgets with a Vintage Feel

Technology has advanced so much over the last decade or so that it’s hard not to look back in time and wonder what it was like to live in a time when the world seemed simpler and people weren’t constantly looking down at their iPhones. With all this wondering comes a desire to recreate the past and experience it for oneself. Luckily, it’s not that hard to mix the modern world with the past – for many companies are integrating past trends with today’s technology and creating cool gadgets that make one feel completely retro. Continue reading Raving About Retro: Modern Gadgets with a Vintage Feel

Best Study Spots for Students

Every student has different studying habits and therefore wants a different place to study.  Some choose places like the Champaign Public Library, Espresso Royale, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks and Panera while others choose to study at home either in their room, dining room or other quiet area.  Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve gone to each of these places and seen which are best for studying and have posted my results here. Continue reading Best Study Spots for Students

Spectrum Showcases Charger Talent

Centennial High School hosted its annual Spectrum show that showcased some of the schools most talented performers. This year the show had more talent than ever that entertained audiences on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Some of the talent that was seen were various vocal performances, piano, strings, dancers, and other unique cultural instruments. Comic relief was found in a few skits and dances that had people smiling from ear to ear and laughing hysterically. All in all it was an amazing show that showed the community just how talented Centennial students are. Continue reading Spectrum Showcases Charger Talent

Class Registration Underway

Winter break has passed by in the blink of an eye and second semester has crept up without a warning. With the exception of our 2013 seniors, the time has come for the mad dash to sign up for next year’s classes. If you are torn between two courses or have any overall questions on the registration process, make an appointment with your counselor as soon as possible. They are willing to answer any question you may have. Sign-up sheets are in the Junior-Senior Center and the Freshman-Sophomore Center. Continue reading Class Registration Underway