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January 18, 2013

NFL Recap: Divisional Round Sunday

by Leon Phanrana

The first game on the Sunday portion of the Divisional Round was the 5th seed Seattle Seahawks @ the NFC south champions Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons threw the first punch in the first quarter with a 39 yard field goal by Matt Bryant going up 3-0. Later in the first quarter they scored again by a 1 yard touchdown pass to tight end Tony Gonzalez from Matt Ryan going up 10-0. In the second quarter they scored again on a 37 yard field goal going up 13-0. The last score of the first half was by the Falcons with a 47 yard touchdown pass to Roddy White from Matt Ryan going up 20-0. In the third quarter the Seahawks were finally able to get on the board with 29 yard touchdown pass to Golden Tate from Russell Wilson making the score 20-7 still in the Falcons favor. At the end of the third quarter the Falcons were able to answer back with a 5 yard touchdown pass to Jason Snelling from Matt Ryan increasing their lead 27-7. The Seahawks scored 21 unanswered points in the fourth quarter first by a 1 yard touchdown run, second by a 3 yard touchdown pass, and finally by a 2 yard touchdown run setting the score at 28-27 Seahawks with 31 seconds left. Matt Ryan and the Falcons were able to drive down field to the 39 yard line to kick a game winning 49 yard field goal sending the Falcons to the NFC championship game against the San Francisco 49ers with the final score of 30-28.

The second game on Sunday was the AFC south division champions Houston Texans @ the AFC east division champions New England Patriots. The Texans got on the board first with a 27 yard field goal making the score 3-0. The only other score of the first quarter was a 1 yard touchdown run by the Patriots making the score 7-3. The Patriots kicked a 37 yard field goal making it 10-3 in the beginning of the second quarter. The Pats scored again off an 8 yard touchdown pass making the score 17-3. The Texans answered back with a 1 yard touchdown run making the deficit 17-10. At the end of the second quarter the Texans kicked a 55 yard field goal reducing the deficit 17-13. The Patriots scored the only two scores in the third quarter, the first being a 8 yard touchdown run and second a 5 yard touchdown pass making the score 31-13. The Pats made the first score in the fourth quarter with the 33 yard touchdown pass making the score 38-13. The Texans made the next two scores with a 25 yard touchdown pass and a 1 yard touchdown pass reducing the Pats lead to 38-28. There was not enough time to make a comeback though as the Pats kick a 38 yard field goal to end the game with the final score being 41-28, sending the Patriots to the AFC championship game against the Baltimore Ravens.

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