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January 18, 2013

Spotlight on Charities

by Mervelline Aflata

In the United States, alone, there are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations. United way, Feed the Children, Salvation Army, and American Cancer Society are amongst some of the most famous charities in the world. Each of the 1.5 million charities have different missions but they all stand for the same cause which is giving a helping hand to those who can’t help themselves.

Donating to charities can be done in many different ways. You can give old clothes to Goodwill or Salvation Army instead of letting them go to waste in the back of your closet, donate money, or donate your time to help better a community.

Around Halloween, high school students around the country go around collecting money/change which goes towards UNICEF. This organization was created to help governments improve the health and education and their mothers. Similar to the UNICEF donation, Centennial’s NHS club helped raise money and collect toys for their Toys for Tots drive.
People aren’t obligated to only donate to big name charities, it’s also great to donate to charities within the community or locally. In Champaign, there are over 30 charities such as Salt & Light, Salem Baptist Church, and Campaign for Better Health Care Fund. Salem Baptist Church runs a soup kitchen every Saturday morning from 12pm to 2pm in which they provide people in the community with a hot meal and they also give away food such as bread for the people to take home.

Volunteering or donating to a charity can be the stepping stone to creating a better community environment.

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