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January 18, 2013

Student of the Week: Traveon Baker

by Andrew A. Lee

Traveon Baker is a young, up-and-coming cartoonist who has had his artwork displayed in art galleries throughout Champaign-Urbana. When not immersing himself in artistic creativity, Traveon is also an avid gamer, performer, and volunteer for the Charger Cafe.

The Centinal: When did you start doing art and what made you want to continue?

Traveon Baker: I started doing art in middle school, but it was never anything in particular [style of art]. It wasn’t until freshmen year when I developed an interest in drawing cartoons, and I’ve been doing just that since.

The Centinal: Who are some artistic inspirations that you have in your life?

Traveon Baker: 6 of the most inspirational people I know:

Walt Disney (Self explanatory)

Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario, Legend of Zelda, Star-fox, Pikmin, and Donkey Kong)

Kyle Gabler (World of Goo and Little Inferno)

Tim Burton (The Nightmare before Christmas, and various other things.)

Keith Harring (Famous Artist)

Jay Ryan (The Bird Machine)

The Centinal: What are some movies, books, comic books, or video games that you would suggest?

Traveon Baker: Definitely Wreck-it-Ralph, it’s got two of my favorite things combined into one: Disney and video games. As for video games, I’m all for Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda, Pikmin, Fire Emblem, Metroid, Golden Sun, Super Smash Bros, Mario, etc.

The Centinal: Is being an artist something that you would like to pursue in the future, or is it more of a hobby?

Traveon Baker: My biggest dream is to be able to air many of my own cartoons on television worldwide.

The Centinal: Do you have any advice for other young artists?

Traveon Baker: Never give up, if you enjoy it, then pursue it. Don’t think you’re good enough? Blasphemy. Everyone has a different style, so find yours and stick with it.

The Centinal: What is the best moment you’ve ever experienced in your high school career?  Your most embarrassing moment?

Traveon Baker: My best moment was realizing that people have recognized me enough to nominate me as most artistic senior, even though I feel that there are various others who deserve the title more than me. The most embarrassing moment  was quitting two of Mrs. Aldridge’s shows that she directed.

The Centinal: If you had a time machine, which period of time would you travel to and why?

Traveon Baker: If I had a time machine I would probably go back to freshman year and correct the mistakes that have left me where I am today.

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