Best Study Spots for Students

Every student has different studying habits and therefore wants a different place to study.  Some choose places like the Champaign Public Library, Espresso Royale, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks and Panera while others choose to study at home either in their room, dining room or other quiet area.  Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve gone to each of these places and seen which are best for studying and have posted my results here.

Espresso Royale-

This is the best place to go because they have good coffee and sweets, but they also serve full meals.  Many Centennial students frequent this establishment, making it a good place to get help or meet for group projects.  They have a lot of tables that can easily be moved around, and there are several outlets by the bigger tables, although it can become a bit of a hassle when there are too many computers and not enough plugs.  The only drawback is that since there are so many students, it can get a bit crowded and distracting, but the amazing music playlist they have will quickly make up for it.


It is similar to Espresso as far as food, but they do not have as large of a coffee and tea selection.  They have a few more outlets, but it is not always the best place to go because it gets busy around meal times and can be a hindrance to studying.  If noise and a lot of traffic is not an issue, then this would be the perfect place, otherwise no studying will get done.


Another good place if one is looking for quiet and plenty of outlets, but it can be an issue around the time that school gets out.  They have a decent selection of food and drink downstairs, but unless one is there with a group, it is hard to go get something to eat or go to the bathroom because one can’t just leave his or her computer, keys, books and stuff at his or her study table.


It is similar to both Espresso Royale and Panera, but the drinks are not quite as good and there is not as much space to study.  It does have a good selection of food though, but so does Panera and even the Champaign Public Library.  Another drawback to this is the location because it is not very close to the neighborhoods that many people who attend Centennial live in.  Overall, this is not the best place to go to study or work on projects.

Barnes and Noble-

They have a decent drink selection, but like library, it is a bit louder and has some traffic coming through that can hinder concentration needed for studying.  Also, like Starbucks, the location is not ideal for many Centennial students and should probably not be considered for studying.  If one is looking for a good book or two to read for fun though, this is the place to look in Champaign-Urbana!


Many students prefer to study at home because they can pick out a space that is all their own and they don’t have as many interruptions by other people.  The downside to this is that there are other distractions such as TV, books, sports, videogames, parents, and siblings which can make this area a less than ideal study spot.  Another con is that there are no other students available to help with homework or projects, unlike some of the cafés mentioned.  The only perk to this is that there is most likely going to be more food and drink options that one will definitely like since one lives there.