Winter X Games 2013 Recap

Winter X Games Aspen 2013, an event that spans over four days held in Aspen, Colorado, and this year lived up from the hype of last year. The first even to hold their finals was the Snowmobile Freestyle which is who can land the best trick using a Snowmobile. Gold was won by Levi LaVallee (USA) with a score of 89.00, Silver was won by Joe Parsons (USA) with a score of 88.66, and Bronze was won by Justin Hoyer(USA) with a score of 85.66.  On the second day three finals were held that night, the first being Women’s Ski Superpipe which is just skiers going down a halfpipe creating  tricks as they get air, and whoever has the best score out of 3 runs wins. Gold was won by Maddie Bowman (USA) with a score of 91.33, Silver was won by Roz Groenewoud (CAN) with a score of 86.66, and Bronze was won by Megan Gunning (CAN) with a score of 85.00. The second  to hold a final was the Men’s snowboard big air. Gold was won by Torstein Horgmo (NOR) with a combined score of 94.00 (he also got a perfect 50 on one of his runs), Silver went to Mark McMorris (CAN) with a combined score of 94.00, and Bronze went to Stale Sandbech (NOR) with a combined score of 91.00. The final event of the second day was the men’s ski superpipe.  Gold was won by David Wise (USA) with a score of 95.66, silver was won by Torin Yater-Wallace (USA) with a score of 93.00, and bronze was won by Simon Dumont (USA) with a score of 85.66. On the third day, the first event to give out medals was men’s snowboard slopestyle.  This event is when snowboarders ride down a slope with ramps and other things to do tricks on.  The objective of this event is to have the smoothest run and do the best tricks. Gold went to Mark McMorris (CAN) with a score of 98.00, silver went to Maxence Parrot (USA) with a score of 90.00, and bronze went to Seppe Smits (GER) with a score of 85.00. Later that night, the finals for the women’s snowboard superpipe took place. Gold was won by Kelly Clark (USA) with a score of 90.33 winning her third straight gold medal in the event, silver was won by Elena Hight (USA) with a score of 90.00 (she became only the second woman to pull of a backside alley-oop double rodeo 900 in the event), then bronze went to Arielle Gold (USA) with a score of 85.00. The final event of the whole Winter X Games 2013 was the men’s snowboard superpipe. Gold was won by Shaun White (USA) with a score of 98.00, and this win marks his sixth straight gold medal in this event. Silver was won by Ayumu Hirano (JPN) with a score of 92.33.  He became the youngest ever to participate in this event at the age of 14 years, 1 month. Bronze went to Markus Malin (FIN) with a score of 91.33. After a very exciting Winter X Games 2013 hopefully these athletes can live up to the hype next year and for the winter Olympics.