Driving: the Number One Killer of Teens

Whenever there is bad weather, parents and teachers usually tell teens to drive safely. What about the rest of the time we are out on the road driving, though?  Each year, roughly 5,000 teens ages sixteen to twenty die due to fatal injuries caused by a car accident.  An even more astounding number is the 400,000 that are seriously injured.  This isn’t just a slight fender-bender or backing into a mailbox. This is serious high-speed and reckless driving that could be the cause of someone’s death, and it should not be taken lightly. We all take cars and our licenses for granted. Continue reading Driving: the Number One Killer of Teens

Student of the Week: Sophie Kim

A sophomore here at Centennial, Sophie Kim is an incredible student, musician, and athlete. She shines on the court as well as the stage, evident in her outstanding knack for playing both tennis and the violin. Whilst maintaining a strong GPA, she manages to juggle a healthy social life and loads of extracurricular activities. Sophie’s exceptional talent and dedicated motivation has molded her into the successful student she is today. Continue reading Student of the Week: Sophie Kim

Where Is Your ‘Safe Haven’?

Where do you think of when I say Safe Haven? Maybe your bedroom where you can get away from your siblings, a trail out in a local park, or somewhere that you can just think. In the movie Safe Haven, a spin-off of the novel by Nicholas Sparks, Katie finds her haven in South Port, a sleepy beach town in North Carolina that is far away from her psychotic husband. Why is this place her haven? It is off the beaten path, has a reclusive shack that she can call home and a few friends that she finds along the way. Continue reading Where Is Your ‘Safe Haven’?

Senior Night: Boys Basketball vs. Kankakee

The Charger Boys Basketball team ended their three game losing streak with a win on their senior night against Kankakee. The senior band, dance, cheer, and basketball team members were honored on Tuesday night before the start of the Varsity game. All of the seniors on the basketball team were able to play, and the game finished with a final score of  58 – 47.


Continue reading Senior Night: Boys Basketball vs. Kankakee

Student of the Week: Austen Schott

If you were to see Centennial senior Austen Schott walking around school this week, you may get a bad first impression. He has two black eyes. These black eyes aren’t the result of a fight, but the result of hard work and dedication. Austen made it to state in wrestling for the third time in his career. Austen is an outstanding wrestler that proudly represents Centennial. At state he had his best finish ever, taking fifth place. Austen is a great student and athlete, which is why he was chosen as the Student of the Week. Continue reading Student of the Week: Austen Schott

Unsafe Driving in Student Parking Lot a Common Occurrence

To most students at Centennial High School, the student parking lot is just a simple space between the high school and the outside world. Students typically only spend a few minutes in the parking lot — just enough time to park their cars and walk to the school building. Due to the fact that parking a car in the parking lot only takes up a tiny fraction of students’ days, most people overlook the danger that lies within that area. Continue reading Unsafe Driving in Student Parking Lot a Common Occurrence