Black Writers Read-In 2013

Centennial students gathered in the library to hear works by black authors. Participants chose a song or poem that had meaning to them or their culture to read to the audience. The event was emceed by senior Reo Willams.  African-American Culture Club President Mervelline Aflata said, “This was my first time actually reading in the read in and I had a wonderful experience. After the event, I had people coming up to me, telling me that this was the best read in they have experienced. I strongly encourage people to get involved with the event and I hope the tradition stays alive for years to come.”

Student and faculty readers included: Pam Alexander, Mervelline Aflata, Deanna Briscoe, Miagonee Baker, Cassandra Bunner, Jasmine Neal, Brittanee Campbell, Jakyra Melton, Essence Chatman, Shabrionna Eaton, Brittany Esters, Anika Evans, Brittany Flowers, Na’Taija Johnson, Deon Lewis, Brianna McCoy, Chanelle Jackson, Tory McMullen, Miandra McQilliams, Benicia Wallace, Chamonique Barber, Rachel Radtke, Tina Sayon, Mark Sikora, Bruce Brown, Ashlee Smith, Jordan Terry, Cesily Wilson, Victoria Worthington, Perla Perales, Taylor Ware, Jabrea S. Watkins, Tearra Winfield and Phillip Wright.

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