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February 6, 2013


Student of the Week: Gulnaza Khalmanbetova

by Jewel Goodly

A junior here at Centennial, Gulnaza Khalmanbetova, is an all around fantastic person. She is talented, smart, confident and outgoing. She is a foreign exchange student from Kyrgyzstan, from the  HSSE-flex World Heritage Program.  Khalmanbetova was chosen for the program based off of leadership skills, essays, grade point average and various tests. She is definitely a great addition as well as someone to know here at Centennial.

Centinal: How long have you been in America and how long are you staying? Would you like to stay longer than the program offers?

Khalmanbetova: I came here in October and I leave in March. I would like to stay longer but I want to graduate. I am excited for the time I am here and different activities like prom.

Centinal: What made you want to be an exchange student in America?

Khalmanbetorva: I am very interested in American culture and when you see more, you learn more. I also wanted to improve my English. I wanted to see and learn about similarities and differences in American culture and Kyrgyzstan culture.

Centinal: Besides Kyrgyz and English, what other languages do you speak?

Khalmanbetova: I speak Russian, Turkish, and Uzbeck.

Centinal: What hobbies or activities do you do in you is free time?

Khalmanbetova: I love dancing, art, listening to music, making music and knitting and saima ( similar to knitting) . I play the piano, guitar and ooz komuz (a traditional Kyrgyzstan similar to the harmonica). I also love shopping at Forever 21 and Charlotte Ruse.

Centinal:  What is your favorite food you’ve had in America?

Khalmanbetova: I don’t know what food is American, but I really like Chinese.

Centinal: What is your favorite American custom you’ve experienced?

Khalmanbetova: I really liked Thanksgiving and Halloween. For Halloween I went as Michael Jackson. I love the way he dances; we have similar dancing styles.

Centinal: Are you homesick being so far away from your family?

Khalmanbetova: Yes, but I really like the Hopkins (family she stays with). They are a very warm hearted family and very supportive. I am able to stay in contact with my family and I am so glad we have technology because we Skype.

Centinal: What has been your favorite moment at Centennial?

Khalmanbetova: Being in Spectrum! It was really fun and I was able to meet new people. I am really excited to be in the African-American talent show now.

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  1. Feb 7 2013

    Gulnaza has been a FANTASTIC exchange student this year.
    Think your family might want to host your own next year? Check out for more details!

    (Or ask Gulnaza for my phone number. I am her Area Representative for ASSE International Exchange Student Programs.)

    You can BE an exchange student too! Check out or give me a call 🙂

  2. Visitor
    Feb 10 2013

    There is a mistake. Her last name is KhalmanbetoVa, not KhalmanbetoRa

  3. Feb 10 2013

    Corrected. Thank you for viewing our online publication!

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