Charger Athletes Make College Commitments

Last Wednesday Centennial High school got to watch four amazing athletes sign to play their sport at the college level. Luke Vaughn signed for track and field at Ole Miss, Dustin Walls signed for football at McKendree University, Fletcher Evans signed for football at Southeast Missouri State, and Terrell Neal-Beard signed for football at Robert Morris University. The Centinal got the chance to ask these four athletes questions about what they’re looking forward to in college, and to reflect on their high school experiences. Continue reading Charger Athletes Make College Commitments

Valentine’s Day for Singles

Valentine’s Day is a mushy occasion much anticipated by couples but sorely dreaded by singles. It’s that time of year again- an entire day of exchanging cards, flowers, and affectionate sentiments simply oozing with warm feelings of affection, admiration, and infatuation. It’s virtually impossible to walk into a store around early February and avoid seeing a heart-shaped something lurking around every aisle. However, for millions of people, there is one catch preventing them from joining in these festive acts of love- a date. In fact, so blown up is the hype about the commemoration that some even become depressed about not having a partner once they see stores decorated with candies, chocolates, and flowers to lure the ones in love, not to mention their wallets. Continue reading Valentine’s Day for Singles