Valentine’s Day for Singles

Valentine’s Day is a mushy occasion much anticipated by couples but sorely dreaded by singles. It’s that time of year again- an entire day of exchanging cards, flowers, and affectionate sentiments simply oozing with warm feelings of affection, admiration, and infatuation. It’s virtually impossible to walk into a store around early February and avoid seeing a heart-shaped something lurking around every aisle. However, for millions of people, there is one catch preventing them from joining in these festive acts of love- a date. In fact, so blown up is the hype about the commemoration that some even become depressed about not having a partner once they see stores decorated with candies, chocolates, and flowers to lure the ones in love, not to mention their wallets.

A common trend shows that many singles develop a sense of isolation that may ignite flames of self-doubt and loneliness. It has progressively spiraled to the point where many singles tend to “hate” Valentine’s Day, a day that is ironically meant to celebrate love itself. Valentine’s Day has thus earned the nickname Single Awareness Day, its initials spelling out the overruling emotion and disease infecting singles worldwide-pure S.A.D.

It’s true that it may be difficult to see what else life has to offer when you’re continuously bombarded with romantic TV comedies, flowers, romance novels, and cutesy heart-shaped trinkets. But fear not because it is more than possible for singles to be happy on Valentine’s Day.

Singles can make the most of Valentine’s Day by spending the day surrounded by those they love or even by spoiling themselves with something luxurious. Valentine’s Day is not just to be celebrated by romantically involved couples. The festival is celebrated to express love to anyone singles are close to and anyone special they wish to celebrate. Therefore, singles can celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends, siblings, parents, or anyone who has made a difference in their lives. People can take the opportunity of the festival to express love and gratitude to people they love.

If tempted to fall into the celebration of refinery, don’t be hesitant to pamper yourself! Consider treating yourself instead of beating yourself up. Buy that cute dress you’ve been dying to buy all season. Indulge yourself by going in for a spa treatment or getting your nails done. It’s even easier to tolerate Valentine’s day when those Valentine’s Day chocolates start going on clearance!

Most of the time, what is most problematic about surviving Valentine’s Day without a partner is the pure preponderance of love messages implying that you need to hurry or you’ll miss the boat. Society and media may imply that being single is not the way to go, but avoid being swept away by the tide. Love and embrace your “singleness.” Never define yourself by your relationship status; it is not your identity.

Although you may be eagerly awaiting that knight in shining armor to come sweep you off your feet, patience may need to be your present virtue. There are plenty of Valentine’s Days in a lifetime, just as there are many possible candidates with whom you could eventually fall in love. Your personal “Valentine’s Day” may not even fall on February 14. There are 365 days in a year, so don’t disregard the other ones. Romances spark throughout people’s lives, no matter what day and age. While you should remain open to the possibility of falling in love, don’t live solely for it. In the meantime, simply love the life you’re living and don’t live for love.