How to Avoid Static Shocks

Since the weather has been extremely cold, wearing sweaters every day seems like a perfect idea, but wearing them can conjure a great source of pain: static shocks that come out of nowhere. Experiencing static shocks is fairly common on several occasions. For example, it’s really easy to get shocked when opening a car door, turning on the light in a room, or touching any metal object.

Here are some tips to prevent or minimize the pain of static shocks:

  • When opening a car door, gently tap the door with the car key. This action will lower the shock or eliminate it completely.
  • When faced with any common occasion stated above, double tap the object/source of static shock with your finger very quickly. Once you do this, you’ll get shocked, but the shock will be a lot smaller than if you touched the object full-on.

Hopefully, with these tips, static shocks will not be a huge problem in the winter!