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February 25, 2013

Student of the Week: Sophie Kim

by Hana Hong

A sophomore here at Centennial, Sophie Kim is an incredible student, musician, and athlete. She shines on the court as well as the stage, evident in her outstanding knack for playing both tennis and the violin. Whilst maintaining a strong GPA, she manages to juggle a healthy social life and loads of extracurricular activities. Sophie’s exceptional talent and dedicated motivation has molded her into the successful student she is today.

The Centinal: What activities (sports, clubs, music) are you involved in here at Centennial?

Sophie: I’m in tennis, orchestra, Tri-M (Music Honor Society), C-U Scholars, Mu Alpha Theta, and Social Action Committee.

The Centinal: When did you begin playing the violin and why did you decide to continue?

Sophie: I started in fourth grade. I wanted to quit after about a month or two, but my mom forced me to keep playing. As time passed by, I began to enjoy it, especially once I began playing in an orchestra.

The Centinal: How did it feel to make IMEA and go to All State?

Sophie: I thought I didn’t make it at the IMEA district audition or at All-State, but when I found out I did I was shocked and really happy. Going to All State was fun. I was really excited to go, but it was stressful with the long rehearsals.

The Centinal: What is one thing that the state experience and IMEA have taught you?

Sophie: I learned that I should practice more. I saw some super talented musicians, and I want to make honors orchestra next year.

The Centinal: When did you begin tennis and what motivated you to keep playing?

Sophie: I started around fifth or sixth grade. I had a great teacher, and he made playing tennis really fun. As I started getting better, I wanted to keep playing.

The Centinal: What would you say was the greatest experience during the tennis season?

Sophie: I have so many! The State experience was really great. All of us that competed in sectionals made it to State. The team threw me a surprise and gave me a cake because my birthday was in a couple of days! It was a great team bonding experience.

The Centinal: When you’re not practicing tennis and playing the violin, how do you like to spend your spare time?

Sophie: I love watching movies and hanging out/talking with my friends.

The Centinal: Who are some inspirations and role models in your life?

Sophie: I would have to say my dad and Nick Vujicic.

The Centinal: What do you struggle the most in and find the most difficult?

Sophie: Taking action of my words. I always make plans but I never do them.

The Centinal: Do you have any personal goals and resolutions you want to achieve by the end of high school?

Sophie: To have no regrets.

The Centinal: What are some of your biggest pet peeves?

Sophie: People talking while I’m trying to watch a movie and rude/conceited people.

The Centinal: What is your favorite thing about high school and why? Least favorite?

Sophie: My favorite thing is playing on a tennis team. I like being on a team because I love playing tennis and being on a team with people who also love playing tennis. As the season goes on you become closer with everyone. My least favorite would have to be all the ACTs, SATs, and AP classes. They seem pretty stressful and hardcore.

The Centinal: Do you have any advice for other aspiring musicians and athletes?

Sophie: Practice and don’t cuss/swear on the court. Don’t complain (coaches don’t like that). And always be positive.

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