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February 25, 2013

Where Is Your ‘Safe Haven’?

by Megan Wolter

Where do you think of when I say Safe Haven? Maybe your bedroom where you can get away from your siblings, a trail out in a local park, or somewhere that you can just think. In the movie Safe Haven, a spin-off of the novel by Nicholas Sparks, Katie finds her haven in South Port, a sleepy beach town in North Carolina that is far away from her psychotic husband. Why is this place her haven? It is off the beaten path, has a reclusive shack that she can call home and a few friends that she finds along the way.

Although this novel may not be like most of Sparks’ novels, with its dark moments and slightly scary storyline, it does show how love can come when we aren’t looking for it. Although I have not had time to read the novel, I would still recommend it and the movie because, just like in The Notebook and Dear John, Sparks creates an amazing tale of love and life that comes alive on the big screen.

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