Centennial Promotes Volunteerism

Students and teachers at Centennial got the opportunity to listen to different teachers and students talking about ways to give back to the community. We got the opportunity to listen to Natalie Ellis, a Centennial alumni who graduated from Centennial in 1997; Kyle Jackson, a history teacher here at Centennial; and Grace Katcheturian and Erica Allender, two students here at Centennial. Jackson said this assembly was a way to get students involved in the community. Jackson and Ms. Aldridge, Ms. O’Grady, Ms. Maltbia, Ms. Wiedelman and Ms. Harvey are all part of a group called Community Engagement Comity to help get students involved in activities such as the dance marathon and Austins day. There will be a celebratory lunch for whichever class (senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman) wins. Along with the lunch, there will be a plaque in the main lobby representing the class that wins.

The Centinal got a chance to talk to a few of these teachers and get their opinions on the assembly and what they think about getting more students involved with helping out the community.  Jackson said, “The goal is to foster people who want to be in the community; it is an incentive, but hopefully the bigger picture will shine through. “  O’Grady said,  “I think the assembly is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to get involved because some students might not know about Austin’s Day and Dance Marathon, so this will get them excited about helping the community.” Maltbia said, “I want to give back to the community, and I feel like getting kids involved in these different activities will help do so.”

If you didn’t know, Dance Marathon and Austin’s Day provide two different opportunities to volunteer.

Dance Marathon is a four-hour marathon where you sign up to eat, dance, play games and raise money for the kids at the Children’s Hospital in Springfield. The only rude is you cannot sit. “We are going to be on our feet up and about for the kids who can’t,” said Grace Katcheturian. It is twenty dollars to sign up,  but it is also an awesome way to help out the community.

Erica Allender talked about Austin’s Day, which is a way to volunteer in our community to remember Austin Cloyd, a former Centennial student who died in the Virginia Tech shooting. “Austin was always involved in volunteering at different places, and she always tried to help the community, so this is a way to remember her,” said Erica Allender.

The Dance Marathon is Friday April 19th and Austin’s Day is Saturday, April 20th from 9:00 to 11:00. If you have any questions, you can contact Ms. Wyatt, Grace Katcheturian, or Mr. Jackson. Also, if you are a student here at Centennial and you see someone with a blue Dance Marathon shirt or a FTK (For the Kids) shirt, you are always more than welcome to ask them!

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