Centennial & Central School Changes

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about building a new high school, thus combining Central and Centennial, or one that would house just Central.  Luckily for the readers of The Centinal, we were able to get the inside scoop before any of the major news outlets will be informed.

After much deliberation, the school board has decided to build a new high school that will consist of both Champaign high schools.  The location is still to be decided, but it appears that they are looking at farmland by Cherry Hills at the intersection of Curtis Road and Duncan Road or near Boulder Ridge and Sawgrass at the crossroads of Bradley Avenue and Staley Road.  Both locations were chosen because these are the neighborhoods that house the most students.  They were also looked at because there would be plenty of space to provide a large campus that could house not only both schools but also have much improved sports and extracurricular areas that could not be built at the two current high schools.

This will essentially destroy the rivalry between the two schools, which has been a staple for both for over half a century. It will be a major change when it comes to combining classes and curriculum along with teams, but it could be for the best.  It would allow everyone to have their own areas to practice for sports rather than trying to split it between the two schools, and it would allow them to combine the resources that they already have.  A lot of changes would have to be made, and it wouldn’t take affect for at least four to five years (thus not being a big deal to all current high school students) but it would be a major shift in schooling for Champaign. As for the current Central and Centennial buildings, the latter would probably become a middle school and the former would either be torn down and something else built on the property or become another institution for learning.

What is your opinion on the changes to be made?  Comment below with your ideas and opinions!

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