Centennial Gains a Mascot

School spirit is an integral part of Centennial, but one reoccurring issue that students suffer from is not knowing what our mascot is or how to root for them.

“What the heck is a ‘charger’ supposed to be?” mused senior Chantal Meacham. “I guess it is supposed to be some sort of knight, but all I can think about is my phone charger.”

In the wake of years of this disheartening befuddlement, the school administration finally decided to deal with this issue by hiring a creative team to come up with a new mascot. After weeks of intense debating, the team decided to embrace the confusion of the “Centennial Charger” by making the mascot an actual phone charger.

“We made the mascot into a phone charger in order to recharge school spirit.” Senior Megan Wolter said, really phoning it in. “Pun intended.”

The costume is a four-foot tall  plastic casing in the shape of a phone charger for a hapless freshman to be stuffed into. It weighs approximately the same as five Kevlar Vests. Coming out the backside of the lovable mascot is a four-foot long wire with an actual USBport attached at the end. A new tradition is being  started at halftime with “Chargie” the Centennial Charger doing a dance choreographed by the Centennial Dance Team.  The routine will have moves like “the Dougie”, “the Bernie”, and “the Stanky Leg”.

“I think this new mascot will create a new sense of security for the students at Centennial,” said Roni Adar. “What’s scarier than losing your phone charger? This way we can keep school spirit 100% full!”

Happy April Fools!

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