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April 8, 2013

My Experience at U of I College of Engineering

by Jiłah Maldonado

On March 15th, I had the pleasure of touring the College of Engineering at U of I. The tour was remarkable to say the least. To begin, the director of undergraduates gave a short presentation about the different majors and statistics about the college. One statistic in particular was astonishing. For every 5 interviews that a student receives from companies, they receive 2.1 job offers. To further impress me, the director continued to state the college’s rank among other prestigious universities. University of Illinois’ College of Engineering constantly ranked at about 5th in the country among all engineering majors. Civil and Environmental ranked 1st in the entire country!

At the end of the speech, guests could ask anything that they wanted clarification on. Then, it was time that the students took over. Representing the different departments, undergraduates and even a graduate student spoke about their major along with the positive and negative choices they have made. Never before have I seen so many enthusiastic individuals. Everyone was absolutely in love with their major and it clearly showed through their presentation and knowledge of their specific area. Even with the drawbacks that all majors will have in some form, seeing the students so passionate about their work made you begin to realize what a great atmosphere U of I provided for its students.

One department, Mechanical Engineering, was  particularly memorable. The tour guide was speaking about plastic, and yes I know that does not sound incredibly electrifying, but it was honestly fascinating. He could have made anything interesting through the way he went through all of the topics! This was simply one example, but the Mechanical Engineering was not separated by the other departments in this manner. Every department had this vibrant aura and you could sense the dedication all of these alumni put into their work. Also, to further solidify my point, it was clear that they were not per say, “putting on an act.” During the time where we had to walk from one department to another, I had constant interaction with the tour guides and gathered as much information as humanly possible. They were so happy to answer any of my questions and gave copious amounts of invaluable tips for my success in the future. In sum, I am now planning on applying to the University of Illinois Engineering program along with my best friend, Centennial junior David Jin, who joined me on the tour. He said, “I have never enjoyed a tour so much in my life.”

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