Student of the Week: Cam White

Cameron White is a senior here at Centennial High School. He has been involved in a little bit of everything during his high school career. He has been on the football team, track team, and is heavily involved in the theater department. He is also involved in French Honor Society, Student Council, Thespians, and received a 31 on his ACT. He is the ideal all-around high schooler which is why he was chosen as Student of the Week.

The Centinal: Where do you plan on attending college? What do you want to major in?

Cam: I plan on attending Saint Louis University and I am double majoring in Philosophy and Theology.

The Centinal: What were some of the best and worst things about high school?

Cam: Best- Being able to express yourself without having to worry about what people think of you. I was a star athlete early in my high school career, but that didn’t work out so I became a drama nerd and no one treated me any differently. I just made some really awesome friends.

Worst- All of the rules. Be on time to class, no skipping class, do all of the homework, no hats, no coming to schol before eight, PE required all four years, closed lunch for freshmen and sophomores, no provocative dancing at dances, the whole social probation thing. I was fine with rules as a freshman, but now I feel most of the rules and regulations aren’t necessary in preparing us for the rest of our lives.

The Centinal: Who are some inspirations and/or role models in your life? Why?

Cam: My dad because he’s an awesome man: great father, great husband, great brother, great son, great athlete, great Christian, great doctor. He can do it all. He balances work and family really well and makes sure he always has time for me and my little brothers. I love him and I hope I can be as good of a man as he is someday.

The Centinal: What are the top five things you are looking forward to this summer?


1. Making money during the day

2. Hanging out with friends at night

3. Wearing shorts

4. Getting a tan

5. Preparing for college

The Centinal: If you had to describe yourself in a couple sentences what would you say?

Cam: I’m involved in the drama department, a chef at Manzella’s, an avid weight lifter, I absolutely love fresh cut french fries, I can’t wait to be a college student, I’m addicted to shopping for clothes, and I watch Duck Dynasty.

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