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May 2, 2013


Spotlight on Spring Fashion

by Hana Hong

The genesis of any new season brings with it the hope of inventiveness and sparkle in every way imaginable. But really, springtime outshines them all. Warmer weather is at long last arriving in Illinois, and with it the opportunity to update our wardrobes with fresh innovative pieces that correspond with 2013′s fashion trends. Fashion is a means of expression—a way to outwardly convey one’s vibe, display a dazzling eccentricity, and flaunt one’s femininity. Spring brings about new openings to enhance your style to another level. After all, spring is about possibilities and daring choices—hot pink, cool prints, and putting yourself out there. It’s always up to you as to how you choose to interpret and adjust the trends to suit your own individual style, but here is some inspiration and guidance to help make this spring season count.

  • First springtime mode of action: stash away your bulky sweaters for bright, flirty sundresses! Dresses are a perfect way to bring out the girl in everyone and can make anybody look put together. Keep an eye out for dresses that cinch at the waistline and enhance body shape.
  • Peeling off the layers and packing up those heavy black booties is a rite of passage for your closet and the revival of you. If you feel your closet is too colorblocked, pop in some life by trading in blacks with brighter colors. Spring colors look great on all skin tones and can considerably liven up ones appearance. Don’t be hesitant to throw in some loud daring patterns; when toned down with other solids they work out beautifully.
  • Give some love to your body and show those hibernating legs a little sun. Colorful shorts are a great way to add some pep to a spring wardrobe and prove to be a recurring trend every spring. Moreover, patterned shorts: stripes, ombre print, and florals—effortlessly give dimension to an otherwise mediocre outfit.
  • Speaking of florals, they prove to be an extremely popular print every spring season. From blouses to dresses to rompers, the possibilities are endless. Bring a stylish garden into your own closet.
  • See-through blouses and shirts can highlight body shape and emanate an elegant sophisticated glow. Just make sure you wear something underneath.
  • Lace does so much for a girl. It can instantly transform a regular outfit into a refined classy look. Look for lace in blouses, peter-pan collars, and skirts.
  • If you’re not a dress-up kind of person, you can dress down and still look incredibly stylish. Muscle tanks, oversized tops, varsity jackets, and sleeveless shirts are exceptionally chic.
  • Vintage cuts and bohemian flairs make for the ultimate girly vibe. Stylize yourself with bold patterns, edgy graphics, and tons of accessories. Throwing on a simple necklace, a pair of earrings, or even a leather belt can give a boring outfit some pizzazz.
  • If you’re a scarf hoarder, not to fret. Spring doesn’t mean the end of scarf season. Light airy spring scarves are adorable and very wearable even in warm weather. Just be sure not to suffocate yourself in chunky heavy scarves unless you want to look like you’re sweating your neck off.

Despite the welcoming warmth of sun, its rays pose serious dangers to your eyes. You can easily protect them and accessorize by throwing on a pair of statement sunglasses. Oversized shades are always cute, but make sure they don’t get too big that they dominate your face. That’s never appealing.

Don’t forget to experiment and have fun with your style. Best of luck!

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  1. Katie Bednar
    May 6 2013

    Very nice, Señorita! Great tips!

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