Student of the Week: Paulina Nottingham

Paulina Nottingham is a senior here at Centennial High School. She is not only a great student, but also a great athlete and a great person. She was part of the school’s volleyball team this year that took its first ever trip to state and placed third. She has dedicated herself to her sport and plans to continue her love of volleyball in college. She is also involved in National Honor Society and Interact, where she completes many hours of community service. She has had a full experience during her time here at Centennial, been a great student and athlete, and for these reasons has been chosen as Student of the Week.

The Centinal: What are your plans for college?

Paulina: I am going to West Virginia Wesleyan to play volleyball and studying nursing.

The Centinal: What are you most looking forward to about college?

Paulina: I am looking forward to meeting new people and having new experiences.

The Centinal: What are you going to be saddest about leaving behind next year?

Paulina: I hate goodbyes, so saying goodbye to my family and the amazing friends I have here is going to be really sad.

The Centinal: What was your favorite thing about your high school volleyball season?

Paulina: The girls and how close we got. We weren’t just a team we were a family and it showed in our play. So being able to play with such talent and support and love from everyone was the best part.

The Centinal: Do you have any advice to incoming freshmen?

Paulina: I would just say be yourself.  Don’t change for anyone, and do what you like to do. Work hard because high school grades do matter. Get involved in things and make high school as fun as you can.

The Centinal: What are the top five things you are looking forward to this summer?


1. Lollapalooza

2. Going to West Virginia for the Fourth of July

3. Spending my last summer with my friends

4. Hanging out at the pool

5. Nannying and working at Jimmy John’s