Listen to Something New

In the life of the common adolescent, listening to what is “cool” is an important part of his or her social life. Whenever there is a gathering there is music. Whenever there is driving there is music. Yet, what do teens listen to and what are they missing out on?

In my experience, the common genre is rap and there is not anything necessarily wrong with that. However, what kids do not recognize is that there is plenty of music, good music, that is not considered popular. In fact, it is great to listen to other genres than the norm. A new world is opened up, different emotions are conveyed, and one may actually realize that they like the variety that different genres offer. With this in mind, it is disappointing to know that people ridicule others for the music that they enjoy. Let them ridicule as much as they wish, but they are truly the unfortunate ones because they are missing out. And whether one agrees or not that a particular artist or genre is good, everyone should have a certain level of respect for what artists do. Even if the music does not sound pleasing, it often requires a lot of talent and preparation.

Personally, my parents played all types of music throughout my childhood: funk, jazz, rock,  blues, and many others, so my respect was always there. This benefited me greatly because I am very open towards music no matter where I am. Whether you are in the car or attending a sophisticated party with your parents, it is always good to be accepting and respect what you are listening to.