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May 22, 2013

Interview with a Charger Vegetarian

by Faith Middleton

Although meat is a staple of the typical American diet, there are many Americans who choose to omit meat and/or animal products from their plates. To some people this may seem extreme, but 3.2% of Americans have chosen a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Vegetarianism is a term used to describe a diet that includes vegetables, fruits, grains, fats, eggs and dairy but excludes meat and fish. There is also pescetarianism, which is vegetarianism but includes fish in the diet. Veganism, however, is a dietary lifestyle that excludes eating all animal products, such as eggs, dairy, meat, fish and gelatin.

Patience Ward, a Junior at Centennial, has been a vegetarian for more than 2 years. The Online Centinal sat down for an interview with Ward.

Online Centinal: What was it like when you decided to become a Vegetarian?

Patience Ward: “It was awesome when I decided to be a vegetarian, because I thought about it for awhile, then told my mom about it. She was really supportive.”

OC: What factors contributing to you making the switch to vegetarianism?

Ward: “It started as a ‘protecting animal rights’ thing.”

OC: How do people generally react when they learn that you are a Vegetarian?

Ward: “A lot of times people ask me why or say ‘oh, I couldn’t do that’.

OC: Are you ever tempted to eat meat?

Ward: “What makes me really not want to eat meat is seeing it raw.”

OC: Do you think you will ever go completely vegan?

Ward: “I don’t know, there is a lot of nutrition in animal by-products.

OC: How often do you meet vegans or other vegetarians?

Ward: “Every now and then, somebody will tell me that they’re vegetarian but it doesn’t happen very often.”

OC: What have you learned in being vegetarian? 

Ward: “I’ve been a lot more conscious of other people and their different eating habits. I understand more and am more accepting of things people can’t or don’t eat.”

OC: What would you like to tell others who are attempting to become vegetarian?

Ward: “Through determination and discipline, you can do anything.”

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