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Back-to-School Handwriting: Getting Used to Writing by Hand Again

It is safe to say that handwriting is part of one’s personality, mostly because every individual has a different way of shaping letters as they are put down on paper. In school, students write every single day, and that gives them a chance to perfect their penmanship. When summer break comes along, the obligation of writing by hand disappears, and students get a few months off from dealing with hands that throb after taking too many notes. Read more »


Welcome Back, Chargers!

To all returning students at Centennial High School, we’re glad to see you again. To the new set of freshmen and transfer students, we welcome you to the school. Would you like to be a well-informed student? If so, please check back on The Centinal for news stories that will come out hopefully almost every day starting in September. Read more »


Register for School this Week

Charger students will register for the 2013-2014 school year this week.  Registration is in the Centennial gym on August 7th & 8th from noon to six and on August 9th from eight to one.  School begins for Freshmen on Monday, August 19th and for grades ten and up on Tuesday, August 20th.  Enjoy these last days of summer!