Back-to-School Handwriting: Getting Used to Writing by Hand Again

It is safe to say that handwriting is part of one’s personality, mostly because every individual has a different way of shaping letters as they are put down on paper. In school, students write every single day, and that gives them a chance to perfect their penmanship. When summer break comes along, the obligation of writing by hand disappears, and students get a few months off from dealing with hands that throb after taking too many notes.

The problem comes when summer ends and school starts again. On the first class of that first day of school, the readjustment to writing out everything with a pen or a pencil can be quite painful and slightly depressing to experience. As one figures out how to properly hold a writing instrument again, it is easy to feel a little awkward and at the hands of an inanimate object. More trouble arises when it is time to actually start writing, as moving the pencil to create a word is challenging at first, and one’s calligraphy resembles the fifth-grade version of his or her handwriting.

Senior Shelby Quigley felt the stress of picking up writing again. “My handwriting was horrible; it was really tiny and cramped. I was misspelling every other word. I had to ask how to spell the [simplest] words; I even misspelled the word ‘wrong,’ which is ironic,” commented Quigley.

She also noted that she was not the only one to have that same experience. She explained, “A lot of people around me said that they just didn’t write all summer, so [suddenly having to write again] was really horrible.”

One of these students was Nathan Martin, another senior at Centennial High School. “Having not written for two months, when I went to write my name while filling out the book cards, my hands started cramping in the first two seconds, and my handwriting was atrocious. It was probably about two centimeters tall, and that is bigger than I’ve ever written before,” described Martin.

Getting back that perfectly crafted calligraphy from the last school year might take longer than one might want, especially when remembering what it looked like in the first place might be an issue. There is no need to worry! After a few days into school, one will notice dramatic improvement in his or her handwriting. All that is needed is to work on putting pen to paper, and that once beautiful, elaborate script will be recovered.