Dear Centinal: How Should I Ask Her to Homecoming?

Dear Centinal,

I am a Sophomore boy and I wanna ask a girl to homecoming, but I am not very creative. What are some viable options that won’t creep her out? Btw, she’s a dime.


Dear Anonymous,

There are a plethora of ways to pop the homecoming question. In asking this “dime” to the dance, you should play to your strengths and her interests. For example, say you are a basketball player with great aim and she loves tulips. Shoot a bouquet of tulips into her arms or onto her desk with a note saying “homecoming?” attached to it. If you are musically talented, you could serenade her. Oldest trick in the book.

You go to school, right? Ask your teacher’s permission to write on the smartboard “(her name) -will you be my date to homecoming?-(your name)”. Another option is to have your teacher write a test question for her specifically saying “Brad (if your name is Brad) wants you to be his date to the homecoming dance. What is your answer?”

If you are in the same gym class as her, you can go up to the gym teacher holding the microphone at the beginning of the period and ask to borrow it. You can then do one of two things: 1. Read a poem that you wrote for this occasion to your entire gym class, or 2. Say “(her name), will you be my date to homecoming?” The public nature of it makes the proposal fancier and nicer if she says yes and more humiliating for you if she says no.

If you are good at baking, bake her something sweet. Who doesn’t like some type of baked good? If she loves puppies, bring your puppy with you. Who can say no to a puppy?

If you have no special talents, don’t fear. Asking her with a greeting card requires little-to-no skill. I hope you can write in it. If you are not literate or are ashamed of your handwriting, have an older sibling or dear friend write in it for you.

If all else fails, use a cheesy pickup line. But only as a last resort. Good luck! You won’t need it, though, because now you have all these great ideas.

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