Student of the Week: James Akinleye

James Akinleye is not only an outstanding student in the classroom but also an overachiever in the community. He is a cast member in the upcoming children’s play Alice in Wonderland and hopes to participate in theatre in college. He is also a member of Thespians, Dance Marathon, Key Club, and many other extra curriculars that involve hours of dedication to the community. His many involvements in Centennial and the Champaign-Urbana area are just part of the reason he was chosen as The Centinal‘s Student of the Week!

The Centinal: What is this fall’s children’s play, and what is your role?

James: We’re getting ready for Alice in Wonderland. I play the caterpillar; he helps Alice feel better about herself and tells her to just be herself.

The Centinal: Is there anything you can tell us about the upcoming play?

James: In Alice in Wonderland, Alice finds herself in a world of imagination and has to figure out how to deal with all of the strange creatures she encounters there, as well as figuring out how to return home.

The Centinal: What other extra curriculars are you involved in at Centennial?

James: I am in NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, Dance Marathon, Key Club, Speech Team, and Dance Team.

The Centinal: Out of those, which ones are your favorite and why?

James: Dance Marathon and Thespians are my favorite because Dance Marathon gives me a chance to help others, and it’s such a fun event. I enjoy acting and being involved in the drama department. I have a lot of friends in both of those groups, so it is always a fun time.

The Centinal: Do you plan on doing any of these activities in college? If so, which ones and where?

James: If there is a Dance Marathon at whatever college I end up going to, then I’d like to be involved. I’d like to be involved in the performing arts in some way as well.