The Final Season: How I Met Your Mother

At last, the start of the much-anticipated conclusion to Ted Mosby’s winding love story has arrived. After eight raging seasons of watching the hopeless romantic Theodore Evelyn Mosby (played by Josh Radnor) attempt and fail at finding his “perfect match,” the producers announced that this ninth season of How I Met Your Mother will be the last. How will it end?
The show kicks off in the year 2030, with a scene of two children sitting on a couch and the voice of Ted Mosby beginning the story of how he met their mother. He begins telling his story from the year 2005, while he was a struggling architect living with his best friend in New York City. The show itself is made up of his long flashbacks, which largely include Ted’s four best friends—Marshall, the big friendly environmental lawyer; Lily, the slyly controlling, motherly kindergarten teacher; Robin, the goofy broadcast lady who takes her job too seriously; and Barney, the sarcastic dramatic one who loves suits. The relationships throughout this group are heart-warmingly hilarious and give Ted’s story a wildly comedic take.
Season nine is set to air Monday, September 23, 2013 on CBS with two half hour episodes during the premiere. The following episodes will be a half hour and will play weekly. Don’t miss out! If you haven’t watched before, start now: light-hearted and clever, How I Met Your Mother will not disappoint. Tune in for the long-awaited, dramatic conclusion to the funny story of a tight-knit group of friends and how one of them, after many failures, finally finds his match.