Student of the Week: Aidan Reilly

Aidan Reilly is a junior at Centennial who is involved in varsity soccer. Outside of soccer, Aidan is also a great student who is very outgoing. He’s also able to manage soccer and maintain good grades.

The Centinal: When did you first start playing soccer?

Aidan: My dad has always been into soccer and started having me play at about the age of six.

The Centinal: What teams will be your toughest opponents this year?

Aidan: Normal Community, Urbana, and Danville.

The Centinal: What is your favorite memory so far playing for Centennial?

Aidan: When Jack Thurman scored a goal with his first in a varsity game.

The Centinal: How do you manage school and soccer?

Aidan:  I take advantage of my athletic study hall to try to finish all my homework and also stay up late to study if necessary.

The Centinal: What are your plans for college?

Aidan: I don’t plan on playing soccer for college, I plan on attending a four-year college.

The Centinal:  Who is your favorite soccer player, and why?

Aidan: Ozil, he plays on an English Premier team called Arsenal and Germany’s national team.  He is an outstanding player and very cool to watch.

The Centinal: How do you feel about being Student of the Week?

Aidan: I am very excited and honored to be chosen.