Does Twin Day Make Twins Uncomfortable?

When the schedule for Homecoming Week was released, it was not much of a surprise to see that Twin Day was included in the mix of dress-up days. After all, Twin Day has become a tradition at Centennial High School; Homecoming Week would not feel complete without it. Having a day where students get to dress up to look like someone else can be quite fun, but how does it affect the ones who look alike every day of the year?

It is hard to decide if twins are at an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to Twin Day. On one side, twins can have it easy for that particular day; they do not have to put much thought into who will be their twin. Naturally, their twin will be their twin every day of their existence, including on Twin Day.

That is where the problem comes in. It is almost as if twins are forced to be each other’s twins on that day. Twin Day does not take into consideration the people in which the day has been named after. If a twin chooses to be twins with someone else, the person could be viewed as someone who is trying too hard to prove the point that twins are individuals and can choose whom they want to look like. If twins do decide to be each other’s twin for Twin Day, most likely someone throughout the day will notice it and comment on their choice. Some joke will be made about how it is unfair to others that twins have it easy, and they will laugh it off in the hopes that laughing will make the situation less awkward.

Twin Day may not necessarily be offensive to twins; it might simply make some twins uncomfortable while other twins might not even mind it. Seeing other students dress like each other can be an attack on twins’ lifestyles. When twins dress alike, most of the time it is not planned out by them. When twins are little, their mothers dress them alike because they find it cute. As they grow older, it is possible for twins to develop the same tastes and continue to dress similarly, or they can have completely different tastes.

Students have the choice in deciding who will be their twin on Twin Day, when twins have no control over looking like someone else and have had to deal with that for years.

The real problem with Twin Day is the name. It implies something that is not upheld throughout the day. No matter how hard students try, they will never look like twins – unless they are actually twins. They will just look like they are wearing the same clothes, and that is simply what they are doing. People notice that twins are identical based on physical features and not the clothes that they are wearing at the time. Because there is no way to alter someone’s physical features to match someone else’s for a day, the name of Twin Day is not very accurate. The name needs to be changed to get rid of that inaccuracy.

The day should be changed to Dress Alike Day because that is what the day is actually all about. Another reason why it could not be considered Twin Day is that many students try to dress like four other people. Naturally, that is going against the concept of twins because twins are pairs and they are trying to be quintuplets.

Even though Twin Day can make twins uncomfortable, it does not need to be removed from Homecoming Week tradition. It would not be fair to non-twin students to have the day taken away from them because of twins. For some, Twin Day is the only day of the year where it is acceptable to dress like someone else. Therefore, the solution to this problem, as highlighted above, is to change the name of the day. The name change will allow the day to be described more accurately and will shift the focus away from twins, allowing twins to dress like whomever they want.

The Centinal asked a few of Centennial’s twins their opinions on the subject. Listed below is what they had to say about Twin Day.

Sarah Curtis: I am okay with it; I don’t see a problem. Rachel and I are [dressing up for] Twin Day.

Rachel Curtis: I feel like [Twin Day] is a stereotype on twins and how they always dress the same, when really it’s not like that. [Twins] don’t always look the same. [Twins] probably come up with the best Twin Day outfits because we can make ourselves look more alike than other people.

Peter Butler: I think there is nothing wrong with [Twin Day].

Paul Butler: No, [I am not offended by Twin Day].