An Inside View of Charger Girls’ Tennis

The Centennial Girls’ Tennis team has done well this season. It is clear from their rigorous practices why they’ve won nearly every match. The Centinal spoke with head coach Terri Scaggs, who is in the midst of her first year of coaching the girls tennis team.

“It has definitely been a learning experience, because the assistant coach, Emily, and I hadn’t coached the team before,” Coach Scaggs said.

When asked what her team does on a daily basis to make her proud, Coach Scaggs replied, “[they] work hard, coming out here with smiles on their faces. It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re the best, they’re out here giving 110%.”

Regarding balancing academics with their sport, Scaggs said, “Being  a student is a priority and playing tennis is an option. It’s a lifelong sport that helps relieve some of the stress of being a student, but we limit our practices to two hours.”

Coach Scaggs noted that the biggest difference from last year about the team is the amount of players. “We have twenty-one girls on the team this year, [whereas] last year there were around ten.”

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