Student of the Week: Austin Maltbia

This week’s Student of the Week is Austin Maltbia. Austin is a football player here at Centennial High School. He’s a junior runningback but this is Austin’s second year playing varsity football. Outside of football, Austin is also an honors student who is very active in school activities. He’s a very sociable person who enjoys having fun with his family and friends. I spent a little time with Austin and got to ask him these questions:

The Centinal: How do you feel about the team this year?

Maltbia: I feel like we have a lot of good athletes, and we have a chance to win more games this year.

The Centinal: When did you first started playing football?

Maltbia: I started playing football when in 4th grade when I lived in Missouri.

The Centinal: What do you do outside of football?

Maltbia: I do a lot of volunteer work and I like to read books to keep my mind working.

The Centinal: Are you involved in any clubs or activities?

Maltbia: I’m involved in football, wrestling, student council, key club, MU Alpha Theta, IHSA student advisory committee, principal scholars program, and CU Scholars.

The Centinal: What’s your favorite club so far?

Maltbia: IHSA student advisory committee because it’s a lot of fumaltiba2n and you get to meet a lot of cool people that are interesting.

The Centinal: So far, what’s your favorite memory playing football for Centennial?

Maltbia: The season openers! it makes me hyped after practicing, and preparing all off season, so when the first game comes, you just feel so excited. That reminds me why i love football so much.

The Centinal: Are you getting any looks from colleges right now?

Maltbia: I have a couple of colleges looking at me that are interested, but I don’t have any offers right now.

The Centinal: What can the team do to improve this season?

Maltbia: We have to work harder than all of the other teams in practice, and stay focused during both halves of the game.