Home: The Best Place to Go for Lunch

Making the decision on where to go to lunch can be difficult. No one wants to spend a lot of money on eating out, so why should you have to? The choice for where to go to lunch may be easier than you think. The best decision would either be going home, or to a friend’s house that lives close to Centennial. If you or your friend live close to the school, this would be an easy and relaxing choice.

Going to the own comfort of your home is great when needing to take a break from a long day at school. Bringing your friends to join you for lunch is a great way to relax and clear your mind.

Ashleigh O’Dell, a student at Centennial says, “I love going home for lunch because I can see my dog, and talk with friends. It is also a good time for me to do my homework because it is a quiet place for me to study and get ahead.”

There are days where we have to realize that we do not have time to take a break. As much as we hate to use our lunch break to do school work, we may need the time to study for an upcoming test or do our homework so we have less to do that night. Going home or to a friend’s house is great for this because it is quiet and there is plenty of room to spread out everything you need to look over.

Not eating out is also a great health choice. Eating your own food is best for everyone’s diet because it can be controlled easily. Finding food that is already in your refrigerator makes it easy to put together a quick and healthy meal.

Spending money to eat out somewhere can be very expensive and unhealthy overtime. The best and easiest choice when choosing where do go for lunch is your house or to a friends house. This choice will make a huge difference in your day.