Month: October 2013

Quick Tips for College Applications

 With the early application deadline November 1 coming up shortly, seniors applying to colleges are becoming more frantic as the date draws nearer. Ensuring ACT or SAT scores are turned in on time, getting transcripts sent to respective colleges, and adding final touches to application essays, these last few days […]

Celebrating the French Language

French Honor Society is a merit based organization for sharing and spreading the love of the language. Members must maintain an A average in order to qualify. French Honor Society holds a meeting once a month on a Friday morning. Members discuss French culture, history, and the beauty of the […]

Best Halloween Costumes from TV Comedies

Whenever one thinks of Halloween, one’s thoughts are not immediately drawn to comedy. As the holiday approaches, one desperately seeks for a clever costume presumably from a source that has a closer connection to Halloween. However, many of the greatest costume ideas can be inspired by television shows that are […]

Commemorating Coach Hembrough

On Thursday, October. 24, 2013 the community celebrated the life of the late Gary Hembrough or “Coach Hembrough” who was a very beloved member of the Charger community and coach for the Centennial football team. The Centennial High School Band that the Coach loved listening to played the Centennial fight […]