Fall into Autumn Lookbook: Look Cool and Keep Warm

It’s finally time to begin implementing some of the major trends of the season into our wardrobes. Believe it or not, fall is just around the corner. Our days of shorts and sandals are numbered, and it’s time to start thinking about fresh fashion looks that correspond with the impending weather. But before you topple into the mindset that an entirely new wardrobe is necessary, keep in mind there are undoubtedly tons of items in your closet that are right on par with 2013’s hottest fashion trends and simply waiting to be re-imagined for the oncoming season.  Looking for some tips on how to transform some of your summer staples for cooler temps? Lucky for anyone hoping to re-invent themselves (or, at least, incorporate a trend or two), our fashion advice has you covered. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of the dropping temperatures.

-Pack away those sandals because it’s time to begin rocking those boots. Combat boots really do go with almost any outfit, and looks like a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon. They’re great to pair with leggings or jeans, and believe it or not, they’ll add the perfect amount of edge to an otherwise girly dress. If you’re looking for something bolder, try a pair of knee-length riding boots. If you’re looking for a classier alternative, go with a timeless pair of Oxfords.

-If you want to step up your footwear even further, tuck in a pair of lacy high rise socks underneath your boots. The bold aura of boots balanced with the soft girly touch of the socks coexist beautifully and create a fashion equilibrium.

– Cooler weather, longer sleeves and warmer fabrics go hand in glove —and what better way to rock fabulous fabrics than through sweaters? Bulky oversized sweaters are a classic staple for any girl’s wardrobe and super easy to throw on in the morning. With chunky sweaters, beware of looking too bulky-to prevent this, roll up the sleeves or opt for tighter bottoms and shoes.

-Don’t stash away your tank tops just yet! Just throw on a cardigan and you’re ready to go. Cardigans are a perfect way to continue rocking those tank tops during colder weather. Add accessories and scarves for that extra pizzazz.

– Clashing or complimentary, subtle or bright, mixing colors is fun. While the study of color is quite academic it’s also personal, and your choices need to make sense with your lifestyle. Try cable knit, striped, and polka-dotted patterns for a more put together look.

-Plaid is a surprisingly versatile print and great for a rugged autumn look. Pair it with neutral solids, consider the fit, choose the right color, and you’ll be good to go. When pairing different patterns, color coordination is key. Nobody wants to look like a walking disco ball.

-Aiming for a bolder grungier look? Leather is the way to go. Leather jackets are effortlessly chic and perfect for that rocker feel. If you don’t want to look too scruffy, opt for a tighter or cropped jacket. If you want to be entirely parallel with this season’s trends, skip the traditional black leather jacket and opt for a jewel-toned shade instead.

-Frazzled about color? Go dark. Ox blood and military green are the ultimate trending colors for this fall. Incorporate these colors through military jackets, boots, tops, and scarves.

– Looking to add that glamorous zest to otherwise plain outifts? When worn right, fringe, lace, or spikes are exceptionally classy and create for that effortless boho feel. Don’t shy away from these stylish elements.

-Craving some accessories? The choices are infinite. Accessorizing pieces present so many opportunities and can add that perfect refurbishing touch to any outfit. Stacking bracelets are a classic trend this year and can always jazz up an empty arm. Don’t know what to do about that ordinary printless top? Add a statement necklace or a patterned infinity scarf and your previously mediocre look will be complete.

-You don’t have to sacrifice dresses in colder weather! Leggings and stockings are perfect and can be worn with practically anything. You can even wear them with long shirts and sweaters; just make sure it covers everything it needs to. Be warned-wearing leggings for pants is a blatant fashion-don’t.

-Everybody loves jackets. From cropped and studded to distressed and moto, the possibilities are endless.  If you’re aiming for grungy, go with military or army jackets. Looking for rocker? Choose the leather jacket. If you’re targeting a preppy look, reach for the double breasted jackets. If you want to stay classy, suit up with the blazer. All are stylish options and perfect for molding the look you desire.

*Our tips have offered up an enormous array of look-changing options for this season, but never forget to integrate your personal preference into every look you sport. Fashion is chiefly a means of expression, and should never be unerringly duplicated solely for the means of trends. After all, it’s the diverse variety of opinions that makes the constant evolution of fashion so exciting. Most importantly, make sure you feel good in what you wear and that what you wear expresses who you are- every quirky fabulous part of it. Good luck!