Student of the Week: Christian Khachaturian

Christian Khachaturian is an outstanding young golfer who exceeds expectations not only on the course but also in the classroom. Being only a junior, Christian is already an outstanding student athlete with five wins under his belt. This breakout season has really made him think that he would like to go on and play golf at the college level, but being this young, he is still undecided as to where. He is not only involved in athletics but also in theater at Centennial, participating in just about every drama production that he can. His wonderful golf season and his participation in the drama department are just some of the reasons he was chosen as The Centinal’s Student of the Week!

The Centinal: Do you plan on playing golf in college?

Khachaturian: Yes, I think that is definitely the path for me.

The Centinal: What is your favorite course to play at and why?

Khachaturian: Probably just the Champaign Country Club because that’s where I learned to play and grew up.

The Centinal: How is the season going thus far?

Khachaturian: I would say so, as an individual I’ve conquered many individual goals like getting my first win. I’ve had five this season.

The Centinal: When did you first get into golf?

Khachaturian: I first started when I was three; my first tournament was not until I was six. But I would say I didn’t make it a priority until probably sixth or seventh grade.

The Centinal: Are you involved in any other extra curriculars here at Centennial?

Khachaturian: I generally do all the musicals and plays, but I obviously couldn’t do this last one because of golf.

The Centinal: What is your best score so far?

Khachaturian: 67

The Centinal: Have you ever hit any holes-in-one?

Khachaturian: Yeah, just one four years ago at par three course at Legends.

The Centinal: What is the toughest course to play at?

Khachaturian: I’ve played links golf and just normal US golf, and they are very different. But I would say over in Scotland. Their golf there was very different so for me it was much more challenging.

The Centinal: If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Khachaturian: Teleportation, because what can’t you do with it?