Get Involved: Join Student Council

Ever wanted to be involved in the school somehow? Ever had ideas that you wanted to share with other people around the school? Well, you should join student council. Student Council is responsible for Homecoming activities and dances. They also promote school spirit and leadership. If you don’t know much about student council, The Centinal interviewed a student here at Centennial named Kassandra Eickermeier to give us a little information about it.

The Centinal: What is student council about?

Eickermeier: Student council is all about involvement. We work together to organize events where Centennial students can get together and enjoy their student life outside of class.

The Centinal: How can someone join student council?

Eickermeier: A student can sign up at registration in August. Anyone can join which is the best part.

The Centinal: Are there any events coming up soon?

Eickermeier: This year, student council voted on having a winter formal. We’re all working together to make it happen and we even a mini spirit week planned.

The Centinal: Would you prefer anyone to join student council? Why?

Eickermeier: Everyone is welcomed to join. If you’re creative or enjoy planning events, student council is a program where your ideas are heard.

The Centinal: What made you decide to join student council?

Eickermeier: I joined my freshman year for a lot of reasons. I wanted to be involved, and it was a way for me to make friends.

If you’re interested in joining student council, they meet every Tuesday 7:30AM-8:00AM in Room 119.