Band and the Student Section Should be United

In nearly my four years at Centennial High School it has always confused me why the Band section and the Student section are on opposite sides of the stadium during a football game or basketball game.

You would think that they would be together because it seems like tradition.  Every college does it and I think most high schools also. One examples would be block I and Orange Krush at the U of I. Not us at Centennial where the band on one end students on the other.

I think football games would be a lot more fun if the student section and band collaborated and became one.  When the band plays a certain song we could go with it.   For example , when the band plays “Hey Baby” the student section could sing along with it or vice versa.   Or the student section starts a chant and the band could easily join in.

A few administrators around school and the athletic director were unsure why they were not matched and  it is a mystery to them  If nothing changes during the final home game hopefully I believe we should make this change for the basketball season.